Digital Marketing Consultant in Jakarta

A seasoned digital strategist turned digital marketing consultant, with more than 10 years of experience in 360° digital marketing work

My Expertise


As a digital marketing consultant, I help brands craft the way they present itself in the digital landscape. As the philosopher Marshall McLuhan say “The medium is the message”, I believe where and how you communicate your brand’s message will define whether you can stand out among the crowd or be just another ‘product’.


Not only that I can consult you on creating engaging content, but also help you to establish a solid content pillars that would strengthen your overarching digital strategy. Be it in social, website, email, or in any digital format, I will ensure your content brings engagement and authority, and to further achieved your brand’s objective.


Investing in building your digital presence, should not only for the sake of being present in the internet. My orientation as a digital marketing consultant when it comes to digital marketing is to help brands get the most of its digital marketing effort by amplifying your content to reach the most relevant people in various stages of consumer journey.

The medium is the message

Marshall McLuhan

About Yoas Nathan

Digital Marketing Consultant - Yoas Nathan

a Google-certified, digital marketing consultant, with 10+ years of hands-on experience across multiple aspects of digital marketing.

Initially exposed to the world of social media and content development as early as 2009, prior to that Yoas was a creative writer in the Broadcast industry since 2005.

Upon encountering the exciting realm of digital marketing through social media, Yoas began to take on more roles in SEO, E-Commerce, Paid Media (including paid social and SEM), as well as Email Marketing, and CRM. Throughout the years of learning and working, Yoas sharpens his focus on the strategic area of digital marketing.

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